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  • When fish think about the water

    When fish think about the water

    In her closing remarks at the AcademiaSG’s Knowledge Praxis conference, TEO YOU YENN summarised what participants revealed about current constraints on knowledge production, the effects of these conditions, and the possibilities that still exist. What a marvelous two days this has been. Thank you to everyone who’s spoken for so generously sharing your varied talents…

  • Ruminations on scholarship, civic engagement and advocacy beyond the ivory tower

    Kevin Y.L. Tan Kevin Tan reflects on his career as a legal academic and his deep involvement in civil society and rights and heritage advocacy. I stopped counting how often well-meaning friends and colleagues have told me that life would be much better and easier if I minded my own business and kept my mouth…

  • A scholar’s journey, in and out of Singapore

    LINDA LIM Linda Lim reflects on decades of living abroad while pursuing an intellectual passion for — and personal commitment to — the development and well-being of Singapore. Singapore academics often ask me: Why did you work overseas, and how did you manage to study Singapore from there? How did you survive as a critic…

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